CedarBridge Attracts New Talent, Hits Major Milestone

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CedarBridge Attracts New Talent, Hits Major Milestone

“The first thing that has to be recognized is that one cannot train someone to be passionate–it’s either in their DNA or it’s not.” -Richard Branson

It’s birthday month for CedarBridge Group! In February 2013, I mailed $100 to Oregon’s Secretary of State to file as a new business, set up a business checking account with a $500 deposit, and launched a consulting firm in the field of health information technology. Some people thought I was just killing time while I searched for a new job; in fact I was driven by a passion for this industry.

After four quick trips around the sun, CedarBridge broke the seven-figure mark in gross revenue for 2016, a year focused on recruiting a team that would take our firm from its entrepreneurial start-up roots to a nationally-recognized company comprised of the most passionate, smartest people in the industry.

As the founder of CedarBridge, I am keenly aware of the unique skills and knowledge it takes to be an effective consultant in the complex ecosystem of healthcare delivery and payment, not to mention the added technical subject matter expertise necessary in this specialty field. It is challenging to identify and recruit people who not only bring extraordinary content knowledge, but who can thrive in ambiguity, excel at adapting to a wide variety of project needs, work independently in a virtual company, and be incredible collaborators with clients and colleagues.

Many start-ups might also struggle to compete for talent against the big-name firms, but this is where I believe CedarBridge’s competitive advantage has been our best recruiting tool. The advantage is passion. Passion for our work and for the success of our clients in their work, but most of all, passion for improving healthcare and health.

I am so proud of the growing CedarBridge all-star team, our bright new stars and our industry experts, including our newest employees:

  • Michael Matthews came to CedarBridge with forty years of health IT and health policy experience, including as CEO of MedVirginia, among many of the leadership positions he has held. In addition to his role with CedarBridge, Michael is serving as Board Chair of The Sequoia Project.
  • Johanna Goderre until recently was with the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality where she oversaw research on the impact of health IT investments and innovation. Johanna also held positions in the Office of The Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services, and as a public health researcher with deep knowledge of Title X programs.
  • Christina Coughlin joined CedarBridge in December as director of consulting services, a role which taps Christina’s vast experience as a jack-of-all trades health policy and organizational development expert. Prior to joining CedarBridge, Christina was most recently with OCHIN, a renowned nonprofit designated as a Health Center Controlled Network by Health Resources Services Administration.
  • Betsy Boyd-Flynn came to us in October from the Oregon Health Care Quality Corporation, where she managed health care quality and cost analysis projects. She brings that expertise with her, along with many years in the healthcare association sector working on stakeholder engagement and communications.

I marvel every week about how fortunate we are to be working with organizations leading the way on the learning path toward better, more efficient healthcare delivery that will result in a healthier nation—a healthier world. We look forward to a very exciting 2017 and we hope if you’re at HIMSS17 this week you’ll look for a CedarBridge employee to tell you about their passion for our work.


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